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This is Morgan, a Golden Retriever. This one is my baby. I did this portrait of her for a local Art Review and simply because I wanted one. There is actually a bit of a special story behind this portrait which I would like to share with you.

Morgan (and her mother Nikki) used to belong to my mother who passed away in late 2011. I took on the girls as I love them dearly and couldn't bear to see them go to another home. In the process of getting photos for this portrait I must have taken about 100, trying to get "the one". However, in the end I chose a photo my mother took, as she had such a loving expression and it captured her really well. When painting the highlights in her eyes, I realised that the shape was my mother in a chair taking the photo. I think its quite amazing that the person she is looking back with such love is reflected in her eyes. Morgan is a very special girl to me, but this makes the portrait even more treasured.

Morgan PortraitMorgan EnlargedMorgan OriginalThe original photo of Morgan. This was as actually quite a difficult portrait to do, the angle is a little strange and made it real challenge. I'm really pleased with how it turned out in the end.