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Lucas was commissioned by Madeleine as a memorial painting for her parent's as a birthday present. A beautiful portrait to do, yet quite challenging as black can be a difficult colour to work with. It was wonderful to paint a portrait of a cat, as it has been mostly dogs. I really enjoyed painting the eyes, they have such a wonderful translucency to them.

I chose a very modified version of the original background as it really complimented the cat and brought out the colour in the eyes.

Both Madeleine and her mother were delighted with the portrait. Please read her full testimonial below.

Lucas PortraitLucas Original

Client Testimonial from Madeleine

"I commissioned the very talented Fiona to paint a portrait of our much loved cat for my parent's birthday. When I gave my parent's the portrait my mother almost cried. Sadly a few months later Lucas passed away. The portrait it so lifelike and it feels like Lucas is still with us.

Thank you so much Fiona for this much treasured everlasting memory."