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Meet Coruba, Sam and Buca, three beauitful Labradors. This oil portrait was commissioned by Julie as a birthday present for her husband. After seeing many photos we chose this particular photo as it not only portrayed all three dogs clearly, but also the bond they have with each other.

This portrait was my biggest commission and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the challenge of working with three subjects, which made this portrait a delight to do.

Julie was very happy with her portrait. Please read her full testimonial below.

Coruba Sam Buca PortraitCoruba Sam Buca OriginalClient Testimonial from Julie

"Fiona painted our three beautiful Labs for my Husbands 50th birthday, what a wonderful present to give to someone special, not only will he be able to cherish it forever, so will the rest of the family. Fiona's continuous feedback, progress photos, ideas, and talent made this present a very easy but special one to give. Fiona captured all three dogs personalities, individual traits and the bond between them in her painting. The photo that I gave of our dogs to Fiona, has come to life in her painting, it's mind blowing how talented she is. I would totally recommend Fiona's work to anyone wanting an amazing portrait. "