Hi, my name is Fiona Kertesz, an artist who specialises in fine detail portraits of pets using oil paints. I have always had a passion for drawing and painting and stumbled on pet portraiture about 10 years ago, simply by seeing a great photograph and I thought I would give it a go. From there on in pet portraiture was born. I have a real passion for painting animals and love the way the painting develops and comes to life right in front of you. Its always very exiting to finish a portrait and its really nice to be able to produce something that holds so much meaning and love.

As most pet portrait artists, I have a strong love of animals. It was actually a first career choice. I spent a few years trying to decide on whether to work with animals or go into art and design and studied both. I have a Diploma in Vet Nursing and more recently a Bachelor of Visual Imaging (graphic design and web). While I have worked in the animal field as a Groomer, predominantly art and design won and I am currently doing freelance design and administration while setting up as a pet portrait artist and my own little design company.

I recently relocated from Waikanae Beach to Taupo, in the central North Island. With its lake views and snow capped mountains, I feel blessed to be here in amongst some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery. I have two beautiful Golden Retriever girls, mother and daughter who I absolutely adore and make me smile every day. They have a great life, with lots of company (as I work from home) with frequent bush, lake and river walks.

Below are a few photos of my studio and my beautiful girls. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to working with you.


My beloved studio. I have two tables, one for painting, and adjustable drawing table. Plus my trusty stereo! That funny looking contraption in the middle is an adjustable daylight lamp. My studio just has the one window. I did used to have my studio in another room that was lighter, but it kept reflecting off the sheen of the paint and I couldn't see! Currently housing two of my portraits. The oil belonged to my mother and the pencil was a non sale. Still my favourite drawing though! It looks great framed!

Studio Painting Table

My painting table. I have a portrait of my girl Morgan just started, cant wait to get that done. You can see the one of Nikki in the background too, ready to go. Also my shelf of different art materials. I am always adding to that and am like a kid let loose in a candy shop in an art store!


My drawing table and pencils. I use a variety, Staedtler would be my favourite, but I also use Derwent, Faber Castelle and Carbon Pencils for the dense black.


My paints (Winsor and Newton Artist Professional) and my trusty paint tin! The paint tin used to belong to my mother who was an artist herself. Its quite old now and I love it!

Morgan and Nikki

This is Morgan (daughter) on the left and Nikki (mother) on the right. Both enjoying a late afternoon on the deck. Morgan was quite interested in the comings and goings of the neighbours as you can see by her intent expression.


Nikki's favourite trick, fetching sticks. One of my favourite photos and currently being drawn up for a portrait. She is quite dedicated in her stick search and I have seen her have a go at trying to pick up logs.

Nikki Bounce

Such a happy Nikki. Totally full of life and bounce.

Morgan water

A very happy Morgan having a sprint through the water.

Water and Stick

Two blondes, one stick. Nikki was after the stick. She got it too!

Morgan and I

Morgan and I enjoying the morning sun on the deck.